Ice Pops

It’s one ice pop tray after another over here. Ice pops: they are a food group unto themselves, those ice pop, as per the Gummy Girl food guide for Youngsters (GGGY). I’ve waived the white flag on that one. I just start feeding them to her at 7am and keep going all day.

blueberry smoothie ice pops

plain yogurt with maple syrup ice pops

mango juice ice pops

avocado-banana-spinach ice pops

vegan chocolate smoothie ice pops

Speaking of frozen treats, there is still currently in existence a little frozen embryo in MD with my and Soybean’s name on it. It’s a perfect little 5-day blast, for whom I had big, personal dreams. Those dreams don’t make much sense anymore. That little blast also was a nearly $700 CDN drain on my bank account recently.

What to do with that little ice pop?

I threw the question out before sending SG the cryopreservation money, but our conclusion was to keep it on ice at this point.

And then last week, Soybean came back from a visit with his brother and asked if we could donate it to him and his wife. It’s been a series of failures for them in their attempt to have kids. They barely share anything with him, but Soybean said they had just come back empty handed from IVF#2.

Yes, my heart said. Yes. Do it.

It’s more complicated than that. I asked Soybean to do his homework (and for fuck’s sakes not leave it to me to do all the legwork, as per usual). But if it all aligns, and it can happen, I say YES.

It’s complicated. There are issues. I know, I know.

But Gummy Girl could have a cousin/full genetic sibling alive in the world. Am I overly romantic to want that? I don’t know. It’s hard not to have feelings about my little ice pop in MD. I want it to become a child, if it can.

I’ll keep you posted. Feel free to tell me I’m insane if you must.







6 thoughts on “Ice Pops

  1. OH MY! I admit to having thought of different possibilities for your human ice pop, but this one did not occur to me! I like this one better than the one where your next true love happens to be a young woman with a uterus just begging to be filled with ice pops. Just because as implausible as it is for this to all work out (Soybean in charge of logistics? Oh dear…), it’s more plausible than my scenario. I don’t think it’s insane at all. I think given your level of self-knowledge, if you decided to do this–if it all aligned and your heart still said yes, you would have no regrets whatever the outcome.


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